The Difficulties In Finding Reliable 24 Hour Locksmiths In Essex

Secure Home With LocksGetting locked out of your home or shop is one of those occurrences that always catch you by surprise. The initial shock and frustration is immediately followed by the search for a good, reliable and reputed locksmith that can open your lock without wrecking your door or the lock. The situation gets especially frustrating if it is night, or during bad weather, when you are impatient to get inside and relax in the cosy comfort of your home.

The only option for those of us who do not already have the phone number of a reliable emergency locksmith saved in their phone is to immediately get on the Internet and search for 24 hour locksmiths in Essex. A quick Google search shows a number of locksmiths that claim 24-hour emergency service at your doorstep. However, most people soon realize – after much distress as well as wasted time and money – that reliable emergency locksmiths are very rare.

One of the most common problems people face in such a situation is that on calling phone numbers of businesses claiming to provide round-the-clock Locksmithing services, they will find that the phone is switched off. The reason behind this is that a lot of businesses that claim to be 24 hour locksmiths in Essex simply do not have the extra manpower to ensure a 24-hour service. Many such establishments offer only very erratic service, if at all, outside the usual work hours. They either provide services during the odd hours only if they happen to have spare manpower or if the location of the calling person is somewhere close by.

While it takes no effort in advertising a 24-hour Locksmithing service, ensuring the availability of qualified and skilled locksmiths that are willing to service emergency requests during odd hours, and during bad weather, is another matter due to the shortage of skilled locksmiths.

The important thing to keep in mind is that emergency locksmiths not only have to be available and willing to service your request, they also have to be skilled and experienced. An unskilled person answering an emergency lockout call can wreck your door or lock, even if they somehow manage to open it, and cost you a small fortune in repairs.

In reality, there are only a very few reputed and reliable 24 hour locksmiths in Essex and once you find such a locksmith, you should always keep their contact details handy in your phone as well as in writing somewhere, in case your phone is inaccessible. Having the contact details of a reliable emergency locksmith will ensure you peace of mind and save precious time if you ever get locked out or lose your keys.

Young woman lying on grass reading book.

The importance of reading a book

From the time most children begin to master talking, they’re taught to read. It’s a vital part of our world, to be able to read and understand our native language, and even the languages of other countries and cultures. Being able to read allows us to keep up to date with the world around us, learning about the past, as well as be entertained by the imaginations of others. From the time a person starts school, and through the rest of their lives, reading is a part of our day to day lives.

There are many important reasons for reading a book, from learning about new topics, to entertainment and keeping your imagination alive. Books have been written for hundreds of years, recording history and copying religious texts, sharing of cultural stories, any reason you can think for writing a book, it’s been done.

Over time, the ease at which you can access books has changed, as well as changing formats from paper to digital to keep up with the world around us. The importance of books hasn’t dwindled over time, even as information becomes easier and easier to access, they’re still the best way to keep recorded history, and to entertain people through creative, fictional writing. Reading books is important because of the mass amount of information that has been recorded in books, from historical events to cultural facts and tales. A person can learn about different parts of the world, as well learning about their own personal culture through reading books.

When it comes to entertainment value, there are millions of different types of entertaining books in the world that were written solely for people to enjoy. These are just as important to read as non-fiction because they allow for relaxation, and allow readers to experience a vast amount of emotions. Being able to read a book simply for the enjoyment of it allows for an individual to keep their mind open, and their imaginations going, helping to bring out a person’s more creative side.

When a person is able to be more creative and open to the world around them, it makes thinking outside of the box much easier, which can help in finding solutions to problems that they might not have seen before. Reading books for entertainment also gives the reader things to share with those around them, such as moments in the book they found to be funny, or sad, something that provoked emotion from them. With all the different types of fictional writing there is out there, it also can help the reader see past the world around them, into new topics or subjects that they might not have been otherwise made familiar with.

The benefits of reading for entertainment are great, and can help a person blossom in their personal lives. The importance of reading a book is truly great, and there are so many reasons why you should. From simply being able to relax and entertain yourself by reading creative pieces that come from the minds of others, to learning about new topics and subjects in the world around you, reading a book can help further you in life. You’ll expand your knowledge, and open your mind to new things, while being able to step away from all the noise in the world while you do it Books have been a vital part of our world for a long time, and that isn’t going to change any time soon, because the importance of books is still as great as they were when they were first being written.


1984 George Orwell

The American novel “1984” will inspire and intrigue all readers. (Note: No spoilers).The general concept of Orwell’s “1984” is composed of wonder and plausible questions. What is the purpose of Newspeak? Why are the people deprived of nature and pets? What is the significance of Winston’s mother, and why did she disappear about the time Big Brother came to power? Why did Orwell choose to display Winston’s mother through a dream, rather than a memory. A dream is representative of hope, whereas a memory will contain nothing but a lost past, so why does Winston dream? Does Thought Crime play a part in this? But most importantly, how reliable is Winston as a character? I learned the answer to each of these questions and more in my Reading Circle as well as the full class discussion.

The government uses ignorance as a pivotal weapon, and it is a powerful one They can use it to, in a way, manipulate people into believing concepts they otherwise would not have, and trust things that they really should not For example, Orwell creates the language Newspeak to not only narrow the range of thought people can have, but also to eliminate their ability to possess their own feelings. Within every word there is a feeling, and the Party eliminates this completely through Newspeak. Thoughts convey actions, and certain thoughts contain actions the Party does not want.

The ninth three year plan is very important to the story, mainly because it proposes questions to the reader about what it may have to do with Winston’s mother and why she disappeared right around the time Big Brother rose to power. For 27 years the Party had instilled false hope in the minds of the people by forcing them to believe the war will be over in 3 years…just 3 years, no longer. Hope is evil, and to have hope is to have the courage to rebel. Though this is true, the people do not have real hope and they don’t even attempt to question the Party because of Thought Crime. The people were brainwashed into believing that war is the answer for peace, and they did not question this through the lasting war with Eurasia. So the government uses this weapon of ignorance to get the best of the people, and the people have a constant, yet fake, hope that war is peace, and that it will all be over soon.

Why are the people denied access to nature if real, beautiful nature is still in existence? Because when nature is in the picture, people will find themselves lost in thought, surrounded by chirping birds and a cool breeze. Big Brother and the ultimate corruption of the Party deprive people of the things they love, because when surrounded by these things people can be given hope. And of course, hope is something not to be had.

Winston, as the main character (or is he really?), is a misogyny, which is basically just a man who hates all women. So really, is he reliable as our main character? We see the corrupted world he is in through his eyes, but is his view a trustworthy, reliable one? Whether the answer is yes or no, Winston is the only option. He is against Big Brother and the Party, so he is our key to this world Orwell created.

This horrific world is one without three things people really need in life: love, nature, and hope. Hope is created by love and nature. Love is created through hope, and a love for nature can instill within a person an inner peace that war cannot come close to creating. Nature, in all its beauty, creates hope and a love for life. All three of these things are connected, yet the Party has deprived the people of them. Basically, if people had less range of emotion, less hope, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to control them? Your thoughts identify with your actions, and whatever language we speak is an outlet to these thoughts. <br style=”box-sizing: inherit;”><br style=”box-sizing: inherit;”>”Has it ever occurred to you, Winston, that by the year 2050, at the very latest, not a single human being will be alive who could understand such a conversation as we are having now” (Orwell 58). This creepy quote is an example of the effect Newspeak has and will have and how diminished the language would be as time goes on All freedoms are taken away in “1984,” and I’m going to finish on this quote from the novel that represents the whole concept of the book in one sentence. “How could you have a slogan like ‘freedom is slavery’ when the concept of freedom has been abolished” (59).